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  Texas Big Thicket - Farm Corner

Farm Corner

by Joe F. Combs

These stories were taken from the book "Farm Corner" a collection of essays written by master story-teller Joe F. Combs. These stories first appeared in his column in the Beaumont Enterprise also named "Farm Corner". Joe F. Combs, daily columnist was a lover of gardening and nature study. Hew was born and reared on a farm in Shelby County, Texas.

  Small-Town Hotel - April 7, 1958
Big Thicket National Preserve

The writer recalls his first experience at one of the small-town hotels. They charged a standard fee of one dollar per night with breakfast and supper thrown in for good measure. The table in the dining room was a long affair, upwards of 20 feet long. Read This Story...

  Christmas In 1900 - December 19, 1958
Texas Canoeing - Canoeing Village Creek in The Big Thicket

What was Christmas like on the farm in 1900? That has been a long time and great changes have come over the world since that day. But there has been change to bring greater happiness to the home or more respect for the Giver of All Life than we had in those days. Read This Story...

  Early History of East Texas - June 3, 1959
Bird Watching - Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail

East Texas and West Louisiana are rich in history and in the early days of this country, as now, were closely associated in business and commerce. Fact is , Natchitoches, La., was the seat of the Spanish governors who ruled over Texas for half a century. We might say that Natchitoches was actually once the capital of Texas. Read This Story...

  Animals of Many Kinds - March 8, 1956
Big Thicket Attractions - Museums and Historical Sites

Because we can not see all the animal life on our rounds, we rarely realize just how many different kinds actually exist within our range of vision at any one time. Every pond, lake or stream has millions of tiny animals in it, in addition to the larger species we are familiar with. And even the larger ones seem to be able to avoid our gaze. Read This Story...

  Gus The Tame Mallard - November 12, 1955
Big Thicket Attractions - Museums and Historical Sites

An interesting story of a wild mallard, raised on the farm of Louis H. Brown, in Ray County, Missouri, was told to the author by Mr. Brown, some years ago. He is quoted just as he told it. Read This Story...

  Fall Colors In The Forest - November 12, 1956
Big Thicket Attractions - Museums and Historical Sites

East Texas and West Louisiana have a wealth of trees and shrubs that are unusual for their beauty, and they reach their peak of attraction in the fall. They turn their creeks to the cold winds, and bring out the blush and beauty they are so gifted as showing. Read This Story...

  The Old Roads - September 25, 1956
Big Thicket Christian Directory

The roads of yesterday left their imprints upon the lands of today. As we travel through the pines of East Texas on modern fast concrete highways, straight as the crow flies, we often see branching from the new ribbon of concrete a dim, sandy aisle, columned by stately pines, as a reminder of a day that is no more. Read This Story...

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