Cemeteries of Hardin County

Cemetery sites and geneology information for the Hardin County area.

Below is a list of cemeteries with numbers that match the map at the bottom of the page. Each is listed with the nearest town. (Please note: the map is not to scale and not entirely accurate. It's just to help you have an idea of the general vicinity of the cemeteries. For an accurate map and directions, please contact the Hardin County Tourist Bureau.)

Cemetery Sites

1. Votaw Cemetery (A-3), Votaw
13. Guedry Cemetery (F-10), Sour Lake
2. Felps Cemetery (C-4), Thicket
14. Rogers Cemetery (F-10), Sour Lake
3. Mexican Cemetery (D-7), Saratoga
15. Rosedale Cemetery (G-10), Sour Lake
4. MidTown Cemetery (D-7), Saratoga
16. Grayburg Cemetery (F-11), Grayburg
5. Oil Town Cemetery (D-7), Saratoga
17. Grayburg Old (G-11), Grayburg
6. Teel Cemetery (D-7), Saratoga
18. Grayburg New (F-11), Grayburg
7. Pittman Cemetery (E-9), Saratoga
19. Children on Railroad (F-11), Grayburg
8. Jordan Cemetery (B-8), Batson
20. Pine Ridge, Mt. Cavalry (G-9), Sour Lake
9. Gedry Cemetery (C-8), Batson
21. Whiteside (D-2), Wildwood
10. Swift Cemetery (D-9), Batson
22. Village Mills (F-2), Village Mills
11. Kilgore Cemetery (D-9), Batson
23. Holland Cemetery (F-2), Village Mills
12. Jackson Cemetery (F-10), Sour Lake
24. McKinney (G-3), Village Mills

More Cemeteries Listed Below Map

25. Herrington-Hart (G-3), Village Mills
36. Hooks (I-6), Silsbee
26. Collins (G-3), Village Mills
37. Hooks-Cravey (I-4), Kountze
27. Providence (G-4), Village Mills
38. Fairchild/Hanging Tree (H-3), Village Mills
28. Bracken (F-5), Honey Island
39. Cunningham (J-2), Village Mills
29. Honey Island (F-5), Honey Island
40. Gore (K-4), Gore
30. Sutton (D-4), Honey Island
41. Peaceful Rest (J-5), Silsbee
31. Griffin (D-4), Bragg
42. Rest Haven (J-5), Silsbee
32. Olive (G-4), Kountze
43. Knupple (J-6), Silsbee
33. Polliwog (G-5), Kountze
44. Walton (I-6), Lumberton
34. Old Hardin (G-5), Kountze
45. Bumstead (J-7), Lumberton
35. Daniels (H-5), Kountze
46. Leatherwood (J-8), Rose Hill Acres

This information was taken from a brochure, "Hardin County Historical & Genealogical Sites" from the Kountze Chamber of Commerce, Kountze Economic Development Corp. and Entergy/Team City.
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