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Silsbee businessmen form Silsbee Chamber of Commerce in 1946

On the sixth day of May, 1946, a group of Silsbee businessmen, formed and incorporated the Silsbee Chamber of Commerce. As stipulated in the Charter, filed with the Secretary of State, the purpose of the new organization was to advance the commercial, industrial and civic interest of the City of Silsbee; to promote integrity and good faith, just and equitable principals in business and professional activity; and to acquire, preserve and distribute educational, civic, social, commercial and economic statistics and information of value.

The gentlemen responsible for the new venture were: E.M. Prewitt, B.L. Moreland, David Read, Dr. W.C. McNeil, H.C. Hopkins, Dr. W.H. Beazley, L.P. skinner, L.A. Yankee, I.F. Daniels, H.M. Jones, R.S. Farmer, John Bower, N.A. Cravens, L.D. Self and E.M. Wilson Jr.

The offices of the Silsbee Chamber of Commerce are located in the Community Center at 835 Highway 96 South. Newcomers and residents of the community may pick up area maps, brochures on the city, voter registration cards, information on local and state recreation areas, telephone numbers and addresses of U.S. and International Chambers of Commerce offices, city and county demographics and information on the Big Thicket. As a service to new residents, the Chamber also lists available rental properties in Silsbee at no cost to the property owners.

The Silsbee Chamber of Commerce has over 300 businesses, individuals, civic clubs and churches as members. the Board of Directors is comprised of 18 members. The officers include a president, vice-president and secretary-treasurer, all who serve without compensation, and an executive vice-president who manages the day-to-day operationsof the chamber and who is a paid staff employee.

The Silsbee Chamber of Commerce serves as the voice of the businesses in Silsbee. The goal of the organization is to serve th needs of its membership in order to advance the interest in economic development and enhance the quality of life in the community. Other functions of the Chamber include:

  • Works to assist and encourage established businesses and industry to expand in Silsbee.
  • Works to attract and encourage new non-competitive business and industry to locate in Silsbee.
  • Furnishes statisical information about the community to State and Federal government agencies.
  • Responds to hundreds of telephone inquiries from local and out-of-town firms and individuals concerning all aspects of the area.
  • Recognizes an Outstanding Citizen, an Outstanding Teacher, an Outstanding Business and Outstanding Students each year.
  • Represents the city, and in many instances Hardin County, on numerous committees in Southeast Texas
  • Most importantly - the Silsbee Chamber of Commerce refers shoppers and consumers to businesses that are members of its organization.

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