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Big Thicket - Birth place of country music legend, George Jones

Big Thicket - Take a Self-Guided Auto Tour!

Big Thicket - More than a Preserve... It's an occurance...A happening!!!

Big Thicket - Village Creek canoe trek is reportedly the best in the south!

Enjoy a world of outdoor fun! - State Parks in Thicket Country

About Buddy Moore

For over half a century Buddy Moore has been involved in a publishing business. After buying the Kountze News in 1974, he published it almost two decades. Then he sold it in 1992. He continued to do free lance writing.

Moore's entry into writing came when he was 12 years old. As a printer's devil with the Silsbee Bee, he wrote a weekly column, "Sports Galore by C.R. Moore".

Today he resides in Kountze with his wife, Jeanie, and two daughters, Cherrye and Charlee. He owns and operates Kountze communications, a publishing/marketing firm dedicated to promoting tourism as an economy builder for Kountze and the Big Thicket.

We would like to extend a special thanks to Buddy for allowing us an opportunity to share these stories with visitors of the Big Thicket Directory.

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